Wall Mounted Display Cases for Store Collectibles

Hanging Glass Display Cases - Large & Small Wall Mounted Cabinets

wall mounted display cases

What makes these wall mounted display cases stand out from other store fixtures? In addition to commercial-grade construction and museum-quality security, each memorabilia holder features a unique slanted design that provides increased space and visibility, while adding modern flair to the store fixture. These wall mounted display cases, also known as a full-vision hanging cabinets, are one of our most popular glass fixture styles available. Ideal for use in a location with limited floor space, this type of enclosure is well-suited as a container for merchandise, artworks, jewelry, electronics, jewelry and collectibles. There are lighted and non-lighted options, locked and non-locking depending on use. Our eye-catching wall mounted display case includes angle or box designs; melamine, laminate, aluminum, or traditional wooden construction; modern or contemporary styles; and shelf configurations suited to anything from shot glasses to sporting equipment -- even a baseball bat. The selection is massive, and it won't be hard to find a "home" for merchandise or memorabilia of any size when shopping at this online store.

What styles in hanging cabinets for retail goods or home memorabilia are available here?
  • Solid Wood Showcases: These wall mounted display cases are best suited for residential use. These fixtures feature a wooden construction, with different finishes and decorative touches to blend seamlessly with existing decor. This traditional style of cabinetry does not have locking doors, so they may not be the best option for a retail store looking to keep merchandise safe from theft.
  • Curved Front Cabinets: These wall-mounting cases have a curved profile to bring a more modern, stylized look to the display. All of them measure 36" wide with a depth of 7", and come in black, cherry, maple, oak, rosewood, and silver.
  • Laminate Rectangular Cases: These showcases are designed in straight lines all around. It is available in the same colors as the previous entry. This store cabinetry style is available in two (2) different sizes: 36"w x 24"h x 8"d or 48"w x 30"h x 9"d. There are quick ship models available in this category, meaning they'll ship in one (1) or four (4) days instead of the usual fourteen (14) days.
  • Angled Side Showcases: These models, as well as the aluminum box models listed below, have some of the deepest hanging mount cabinets we offer, up to 12". The containers are crafted from aluminum and are available in powder-coated black or silver. The sides of the cases of this design are angled, which widens the interior while providing added style.
  • Aluminum Box Cabinetry: These are another set of straight line designs, no curves present. With these cases you'll get a depth of either 6" or 12", and the same finishes as the angled models above. While the designs are simple, these cases have the benefit of same-day shipping. These glass displays ship pre-assembled for convenience.

Hanging trophy cases for sale come in many different sizes and shapes. Some are smaller and perfect for a residential location, while others are longer and deeper, providing a space that's ideal for exhibiting goods for sale in a retail establishment. Some models are illuminated which throws a nice reflection off the glass, and others have a mirrored back to highlight the displayed trophies, awards, collectibles, and much more. Commercial display cabinets with locking doors safely secure goods inside. These trophy cases are made using tempered glass, which is stronger than its conventional alternative and safer if the panels break accidentally.

No matter where you're using one of these for trophies and awards, they're guaranteed to be a space saver on a sales floor or mounted behind a cash wrap. The amount of merchandise that can be stored is only limited the size of the items. These glass cabinets offer storage of any type of collectible, including sports memorabilia like a signed baseball bat, but also jewelry, watches, shooters, action figures, comic books, cosmetics, eyewear, fine china, and much more. A well crafted trophy or award cabinet never goes out of style.

These showcases for trophies, awards, antiques, and objects of art are crafted from glass and aluminum to suit minimalist or modern residential d├ęcor. This award cabinetry creates a sleek retail setup that elevates the decor of any showroom or boutique, with added features like lighting and mirrors that help draw attention to the contents. Select numerous models for discounted bulk prices on cabinetry with high end appeal that puts the focus on displayed items but also enhances showroom and home decor.

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