Rectangular with Storage Display Fixtures offer Finishes to Match any Decor

Rectangular Glass Cases with Built-In Locking Storage Areas

rectangular with storage Have you been looking for a rectangular with storage trophy cabinet? These trophy cases for retail and school applications offer exactly that. The wood and glass showcases are available with a choice of finishes: maple, oak, cherry, silver, and black. Shoppers will absolutely be able to find commercial-grade rectangular with storage cases that blend seamlessly with any surroundings or current furnishings. These business or school display cabinets come equipped with many features that highlight merchandise, trophies, awards, and other contents. The rectangular with storage showcases have tempered glass construction, which is ideal if they are implemented in a public environment. In the event of being struck with enough force, the enclosures will break apart into smaller round pieces, which are far more manageable than jagged fragments that are generally associated with standard plate glass. In addition, every model comes with either top illumination only or a combination of both top and side track lights. Each of the housings for trophies has a lock and key set designed in. This feature is critical when the units are positioned in unmonitored hallways or lobbies because it keeps precious merchandise protected from thieves and vandals. Though the show towers are made with quality components and expert craftsmanship, they are sold at economical, wholesale prices to fit any budget.

What makes these display cabinets perfect for commercial use as well as residential?
  • Our rectangular with storage showcases are an ideal way to exhibit important collections or fragile objects while keeping them out of curious hands and away from damage.
  • Sales managers, retailers, university staff members, and private collectors often use the illumination systems to feature the intricate details of specific merchandise.
  • These floor-standing or against-the-wall units are wide in design and have two adjustable glass shelves to offer plenty of presentation space.
  • Another great trait of these models is the sliding door design, which allows for easy changes or updates to displayed contents.
What differentiates the different style trophy display cases?
  • Retail store owners and managers frequently choose full view options that have glass on all four sides because they give customers a 360 degree view. All of these styles offer total vision capabilities.
  • There are several finish options available for purchase, so buyers can choose the color that best suits their requirements.
  • Models with overhead lights only are fine for many users, but some opt for styles that include both the side and top lighting fixtures. The combination provides adequate illumination for any presented awards, trophies or other merchandise.

These retail display cabinets are shipped fully assembled and include tip-and-tell stickers. These indicator tags change colors if the units tip over during transport. If there are any issues or concerns during delivery, customers should contact our client service department immediately. It is of vital importance to fully inspect the towers upon receipt to avoid problems. As mentioned earlier, there are a variety of shipping techniques offered, so customers can choose the method that works for them. Assembled units save purchasers the hassle of putting them together while also helping to keep the cost down.

A full selection of retail showcases in numerous sizes and configurations is available. In addition to these styles, our company stocks other tall, narrow models with either traditional or commercial layouts. These offerings have smaller footprints, yet still provide enough storage space for a plethora of contents. Howard Miller corner curio display cabinets are another space-saving option, as they capitalize on the corners of rooms. Wall-mounted fixtures don't take up any floor area. Wider showcases are large and can highlight complete collections or full lines of objects. Most come with the choice of interior halogen lights, which are attached to either just the canopies or are affixed to both the top and sides of the housings. Top lights are especially good for units with mirrored decks or backs. The side lamps are mounted on a sliding track system that allows for dynamic presentations. Another amenity is shelving. The shelves are made from glass and can either span the whole length of the cabinet or can be staggered in an innovative way. Locks come standard on all the models, so any valuable knickknacks or goods are presented safely. Choose from tons of colors, featuring natural wood, oak laminate, maple finish, and even black laminate trophy enclosures.

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