Flag Cases & Shadow Boxes with Glass Front Panels for Collectibles

Shadow Box & Flag Display Cases - Personalized Military & Sports Memorabilia Holders

flag cases and shadow boxes

Are flag cases & shadow boxes a better match for your collectibles than traditional display cabinets? The glass front showcase is a great way to exhibit a ceremonial or memorial collection in any home, retail, professional or school setting. Suitable for anything from commemorating military service to celebrating births, this style is designed to fully enclose items and show them contrasted against the sides and backing of the container. Three-dimensional flag cases & shadow boxes are perfectly suited for collections of different-sized items. Baseballs, trading card or medallion sets, shot glasses or beer cans will stand out in these versatile wall chests, as will award ribbons, jerseys, uniforms, found-glass bottles, military medals, costumes and plaques. However, the beauty of glass-enclosed flag cases & shadow boxes, also known as 3D wall collectible cabinets, is that they can also be used to create diorama-style displays that blur the line between merely showcasing items and turning the presentation itself into a work of art. Our commercial-grade fixtures are each perfectly suited to professional, institutional or residential use, as they combine high quality construction with attractive design.

What are the different styles of 3-D wood & laminate collectible cabinets?
  • Flag cases & shadow boxes vary in everything from style to construction. Shape or style varies from thinner displays ideal for flatter items such as award ribbons, medals or even pressed-flower displays to small, deep displays for dolls to large-scale containers for showcasing a jersey or entire uniform with accoutrements in true 3d style, and of course the traditional triangular honor flag display case. Many models also come with removable accessories such as dividers or backing materials.
  • Construction: Each commercial-grade wall collectible cabinet is made from durable materials, including natural wood, laminated MDF, glass and specially-engineered tempered safety glass. Backing boards consist of foam, cork and sponge materials to provide the most secure mounting surface for valuable and sentimental items alike.
  • Finish: A number of different finishes are available that will complement (and coordinate with) any décor. In addition to display cases in neutral, classic black finish, finishes in cherry, oak, golden blonde and warm brown wood-look finishes are also offered.
  • Security: Closures vary from simple metal clasps to dual-key locking wood wall collectible cabinets. The enclosures may swing open or feature lift-off fronts, or even slide-out sections for medallion or trading card displays.

Wood cases such as the dimensional wall models in this category are ideal for any number of displays. A simple photograph and award ribbon, a collectible doll, a treasured wine bottle can have many different purposes, as can collections as diverse as Lego figurines, found objects, shot glasses and beer cans or bottles. 3D cases can showcase a treasured set at home or in an office, or present a valuable collection of memorabilia for sale or exhibition. Military medals, uniforms and memorial flag displays will remain protected and secure in these cases, making them ideal family heirlooms. Wall collectible cabinets are also ideal for other dimensional displays, from theater costumes to full sports displays that include items such as a jersey, baseball, bat, and even shoes and ticket stubs. Whether mounting a memorial flag shadow box or your grandmother's childhood doll, there are plenty of containers to highlight each item, or an entire collection, properly.

Triangular honor flags, whether given in memory of a fallen hero or as a heart-felt token of appreciation, are destined to be displayed in places of honor in private homes, businesses, public and private offices and schools. Our cases are offered in two different sizes designed to hold either 3 x 5 or 5 x 9-1/2 folded banners. Commemorative flags are an important part of military, police and fire department memorial ceremonies honoring the fallen, and are presented to next of kin as a token of appreciation. In addition, this type of shadow box memorial is often given as a remembrance at commemorative ceremonies and will frequently become an heirloom. Because of this, we offer the triangular showcase in a variety of high-quality designs that do honor to the contents and the memories contained therein. Our selection of burial flag cases in different finishes will complement any décor while presenting a treasured memento in a distinguished and respectful manner.

Generally, when the American flag is displayed on a pole, it must be placed in a specific corner of the room, depending on whether it is in front of or behind a podium or desk. As the 3 x 5 or 5 x 9-1/2 banners displayed in this style three-sided American flag case are properly folded into a triangle and not unfurled on a pole, they may be placed in any location. The only requirement for each American flag frame, no matter the banner size, is that the stars with blue background are visible and the folded edges are not viewed from the front.

In addition to display purposes, these stylish enclosures also make great gifts or projects. Because of their versatile design these units can be mounted on walls or simply displayed on counter and tabletops in either upright or flat orientation. A newly married couple will remember their special day with a diorama showcasing a wedding invitation, a flower from the bouquet and ticket stubs from the honeymoon. A retiring employee, soldier or athlete can be honored with a case that stores and displays memorabilia from their years of service. Browse our huge selection of goods when searching out a folded flag frame, single doll cabinet, or baseball collection holder.

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