SplashBox Electronic Retail Merchandising Displays with LCD Screen

Electronic Displays for Exhibition, Retail, and Event Merchandising

electronic retail merchandising displays

Looking for a new way to promote merchandise? These electronic retail merchandising displays are great as both retail cases and exhibits for events, building lobbies, museums and galleries. At trade shows, augmented reality showcases with a see-through panel are highly effective at giving a professional demonstration to onlookers. Give passersby all the details with tailored media that matches your audience. OEMs and B2B vendors can promote merchandise with as many specifications as necessary to fully inform other members in the industry. In a museum or gallery, exhibitors can use more subtle images to accompany artwork and artifacts without distracting from them. This is useful for informing guests about additional information about the piece and the artist.

What makes augmented reality showcases a great choice for promotions and exhibits?
  • Each of these electronic retail merchandising displays comes with a 4GB SD card. This storage device can store high quality videos, giving the best presentation to onlookers. SD cards are simply inserted into the back of the box for easy promotion with the SplashBox. With the ability to make and finely tune advertisements, marketers are able to show better, high impact content that portrays a specific message.
  • This type of high performance digital signage features a 720p see-through screen on the front panel for quality presentations. Each model has a 1- or 3-sided design that acts as a "window" to view the product. In addition, the fixtures come with LED lights that illuminates their contents and adds visibility to the screen's graphics. This combination creates a futuristic appearance that engages onlookers with advertising in a new way.
  • See-through display box with animated graphics
  • Using these retail merchandising displays with cutting edge technology, businesses can draw easily draw in interested passersby and customers. Augmented reality showcases stand out at events and in stores where their moving graphics can attract attention. All types of companies use media to list features and specifications, adding more information than the average digital signage.

These high performance SplashBox fixtures are excellent for exhibiting wares behind a see-through video screen. Companies use these digital signage boxes to show prospective customers advertisements with moving graphics of their choice. This type of electronic retail merchandising display, or augmented reality showcase, is often seen holding beauty products, wearable technology, phones and just about anything else that will fit! Customize a video presentation to accompany any item being shown. With this innovative, high performance design, electronic retail merchandising displays are primed to become the next "big thing" in marketing. Order a SplashBox retail merchandising LCD case for enhanced shopping experiences and more tailored product journeys.

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