Hexagon Trophy Cases Provide Uniquely Shaped Displays for Collectibles

Hexagonal Display Cabinets in Wood and Neutral Finishes

Our hexagon trophy cases offer full vision of displayed trophies, awards, art and collectibles. This unconventional shape is a great choice for creating attention grabbing displays of awards, trophies, objects and collectibles in home, school, retail, or professional environments. The lighted hexagon trophy cases are available with a variety of lighting options, such as top and/or side lights. The unique design is perfect for creating gallery-style displays that turn any collection into a museum-quality exhibit.

Tempered glass hexagon trophy cases with black, silver, or wood grain melamine finish add a touch of the "showroom" feel to any location. This style shelving is designed for safety and will resist breakage, making them ideal for retail and school settings. Locking doors, adjustable shelves and mirrored display decks add to the high security and visibility offered by the versatile fixtures.

Whether you have a modern or conventional decor, 6-sided hexagonal glass cabinets will present your collection in its best light. The cabinetry features black, silver, or wood grain finishes. These illuminated showcases offer a unique design that nevertheless blends nicely with any style, whether casual or upscale.

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