Pedestal Trophy Cases offer Commercial Grade Security and Museum Quality Displays

Museum Style Pedestal Trophy Display Cases Offer High Visibility

Can pedestal trophy cases be a perfect addition to your retail institution, school, or home? These extraordinary display cabinets may be used just about everywhere. For retail institutions selling top-of-the-line merchandise, an elegant freestanding pedestal trophy case will draw all eyes to the contents. Jewelry stores use these raised showcases for exhibiting designer collections in one area. A pedestal trophy case can be used to display a single artifact or several at one time, depending on the design and the size.

High quality, commercial grade materials such as tempered glass, sturdy MDF and locking doors create a secure exhibit case for valuable and fragile exhibits. While not a traditional home display fixture, this style will complement any decor and highlight a treasured memento, piece of memorabilia or collectible item.

Narrow width cases make excellent display cabinets for single items or merchandise. Wider models are well-suited to gallery or museum-style exhibits of multiple items. These displays are the perfect showcases for trophies, artifacts, vases, designer handbags, collectibles, antiques, and much more.

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