Rectangular Trophy Cases with Tempered Glass Shelving

Rectangular Display Fixtures for Commercial or Residential Collections

Our rectangular trophy cases include our largest models. Designed for commercial, institutional and residential locations, each case is constructed with style, security and stability in mind. Freestanding rectangular trophy cases are made using tempered safety glass for walls as well as shelves. Units intended for use in multiple locations, such those on retail store sales floors and at trade shows, need to be made from materials that are both durable and preferably lighter in weight to aid in transportation. Our portable rectangular trophy case models incorporate wheels or come with carrying cases.

These trophy cases have a simple and classic design. There aren't any curves or ornamentation with these models, just clean, straight lines and plenty of clear glass. It's those qualities, however, that make many of these display cabinets for awards, trophies and much more our top sellers. These trophy cases, also called school showcases, feature a number of finishes that go well with many different types of décor as well. These display cabinets are simple but versatile, suitable for almost any place and any need.

What are some of the shared features of these rectangular laminate showcases?

  • Display cabinets are available for purchase in the following finishes: black, silver, cherry, maple, oak, and rosewood.
  • The anodized aluminum framing on both styles comes in silver, black, or gold.
  • The showcases have tempered glass sliding doors for easily accessing the products held inside. The clear glass allows for customers and other guests to easily see the merchandise inside, and the locking doors make it simple for you to retrieve what the customers want to see.
  • 50 watt halogen lights are designed into the top of the cases, which help to illuminate and show off the products displayed within. The halogen light bulbs are powered via electrical cord, and operated with a switch.
  • Inside the retail showcases are 1/4-inch thick tempered glass shelves. The shelves and supports are height adjustable, giving you the option of exhibiting larger merchandise on certain shelves.
  • The cases are dust resistant, providing a safe place for delicate collectibles and memorabilia or merchandise.
  • Security: There are varying levels of security devices offered in each of these showcases for retail, institutional or residential use. Locking mechanisms can be located in storage areas, on doors or both. Some models offering dual access will have separate locks for each door. Even styles designed as residential displays of personal awards, trophies, artifacts or even collections may need locks to protect contents from fingerprints or tampering.

The differences between the different models of display cabinets are primarily because of the size. The smaller model in this category measures 36" wide by 24" high, with a depth of 8". The larger model features measurements of 48" wide by 30" high by 9" deep. The larger, 48" long cabinet utilizes four (4) halogen lights in the canopy to illuminate the whole case compared to the three (3) lights in the smaller model. One thing that the exhibit case models do have in common, and is clearly mentioned a couple of time within the features, is their usage of tempered glass.

Why is using tempered glass important in these display cabinets?

  • Tempered glass has been treated, usually using either heat or a chemical process, to be stronger than a standard window pane. This means that it will not break as easily, making this a safer substance for use around customers and children.
  • If, by chance, the tempered components in the display cabinets do get broken (which does not happen easily) the panels will not splinter off into sharp-edged shards. Instead, they will crumble into small, rounded chunks which are both less dangerous to be around and far easier to clean up than the large shards.

These showcases can be found in a large number of places holding a wide selection of merchandise. One of the most common places these display cabinets are spotted is in retail stores, especially boutiques, jewelry stores, gift shops, department stores, and more. The cases can offer a 360 degree view of the products contained inside while keeping them protected from dust and accidental damage. The exhibit cases can hold many different types of merchandise as well, such as jewelry, watches, makeup and other cosmetics, electronics, eyewear, and more. Hotel lobbies and office suites could utilize these exhibit cases as a way to display employee accolades and other awards out there where guests and visitors can easily see them. Museums and galleries find these displays useful for small sculptures and other historical artifacts that need to be kept safe from dust and other environmental concerns.

Schools are one of the most popular places to find display showcases like these. They can be found in school libraries, exhibiting which non-fiction books they're highlighting that month, or noticeably showcasing which books the students need to find in order to complete their summer reading. In the main hallways of a school these cabinets could be hung, letting everyone see the sports awards and academic trophies they've earned over the years. These award displays can also be used in residences. Their modern look makes them a great match for minimalist styles of interior décor. The wood finish models, however, will also go nicely with some more classical styles. These cabinets make great places to store fine china, fragile figurines, family heirlooms, your own personal awards, sports memorabilia, and other collectibles you've acquired over the years.

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