Sitemap: Find Commercial, Institutional & Residential Trophy Display Cases

Extra Wide Trophy Cases (measuring 40" wide and up) are generally used for institutional or commercial displays due to their size, and usually offer security options such as locking enclosures, doors or storage compartments.

Mid-Width Trophy Cases (those between 24" and 40" wide) offer a number of differing designs. This size display case can be easily matched to any environment, whether institutional, residential or professional.

Tower Trophy Cases (narrow displays up to 24" wide) are immensely versatile and can easily fit into many different locations.

Shadowbox Display Cases create 3D exhibits. In addition to standard wall-mounting rectangular styles, we offer a wide range of Flag Cases designed specifically to protect and preserve ceremonial or honor flags for posterity in homes, schools, exhibits and professional offices.

Pedestal Style Trophy Cases offer the benefits of small, tower-style fixtures but are designed to highlight single items or smaller collections. Freestanding Table or Museum-Style Displays will complement any school, store or home environment.

Round & Oval Trophy Cases can be found in in different sizes to match the widest variety of display requirements:

Hexagon-Shaped Trophy Cases draw attention to contents due to their unique design. Medium-Width Hexagonal Display Cases are frequently chosen for use in corner areas in order to maximize space.

Square Trophy Display Cases are space-efficient and useful for creating gallery-style display areas for merchandise or collections. Available in narrow Tower-Style Square Cabinets as well as larger Mid-Size Square Display Cases , this type of full-vision fixture is an ideal choice for institutional, commercial, professional and residential uses.

Rectangular Trophy Cases are perhaps the most common shape. Varying sizes allow this style fixture to serve many purposes, from alumni memorabilia displays to retail fixtures to showcasing personal collections at home. Accordingly, rectangular cases are offered in a variety of configurations:

Traditional Wood Trophy Cases in classic finish colors and designs add an air of elegance to any environment.

Frameless Trophy Cases feature wooden or MDF tops and bases but do not have traditional metal or wooden frames. In addition to offering maximum visibility, this construction gives the clear tempered glass units a clean, modern look.

Countertop Trophy Cases are available in both tempered glass and acrylic construction. A full range of sizes and styles allows this style to present and protect everything from single baseball-sized collectibles to small collections.

Wall Mounted Trophy Cases range from traditional wooden curio-cabinets to locking metal-framed merchandise holders and 3D shadowbox displays. A variety of sizes, security options and construction materials allow these wall mounting units to complement any environment.

Locking Trophy Cases are ideal for use in public environments. Security features ensure that valuables are protected from damage, dust and theft. In addition to locking glass cases, many styles offer additional secured storage to protect accessories and stored items.

Non-Locking Trophy Cases allow free access to contents, making them a superior choice for home and private office collections.

Portable Trophy Cases are intended for use at off-site events. These easy-to-transport models come with wheeled carrying cases, and are designed to set up or break down quickly and efficiently. Locking cases and secure storage areas make these portable fixtures the perfect choice for trade show vendors, travelling exhibits or any business that needs economical, easy to move freestanding display furniture.

Best-Selling Trophy Cases represent our most popular sizes, styles and models for institutional, commercial and home use.

Browsing our Trophy Cases on Sale selection is the best way to find great pricing on quality products. Sale items range from newer models to overstock or inventory clearance displays.

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